Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Furniture for sale!

Dark wood dressing table with bevelled mirror - $85
40s/50s-style dark wood vanity unit with a great big mirror, big drawers, and decorative handles. Very pretty. Missing a bit off one of the back legs, though.

Dining Table and chairs - $85 ono
A medium-sized, hand-made, rectangular, wooden table. Pine, I think. The legs have been painted brown, and the top left oiled. To be honest, the top does need to be sanded and oiled again - it's a bit sticky in places - but once that's done it will be a lovely table. i did once buy a block of sandpaper intending to do this, but gave up after three minutes of pathetic, limp-wristed, Mr Burns-style dabbing. I am lazy, but you, I'm sure, are superior to me. The table comes with four chairs. They are, admittedly, upholstered in beige vinyl, but they're an interesting shape, and I think quite cute.

Queen-sized ensemble - $500 ono
An $1100 bed that I bought on sale for $750 in 2004. It's a Crown Posture "Backcare" Wool ensemble. Everyone who sleeps, or even casually lays across this bed for a few moments, remarks how comfortable it is. You could put whole bags of frozen peas beneath the mattress and still awaken refreshed and unbruised and ready to marry the prince in the morning. Okay, maybe ignore the bit about the peas. But seriously. Great bed. I've taken care of it, too: flipped and rotated the mattress every six months, and cossetted it in a quilted mattress protector.

Wooden bookshelf - $110 ono
A lovely pine bookshelf with compartments. Twice as big as your average, piss-weak, bookshelf.

Two sets of metal shelves - $25 for both ono
Nothing fancy about these; I think I bought them from Bunnings. Four shelves apiece.

Big wooden desk - $20 ono
I loved this when I first bought it from the Brotherhood of St Laurence, but it is admittedly a Frankenstein's monster of a desk: handmade from the carcasses of other, expired, desks. That's how it looks to me, anyhow. Could do with a sanding.

Wooden chair - $10
With arms and stuff! Suitable for sitting on! Upholstered with burgundy vinyl. Almost, but not quite, elegant.

Wooden stool - $45 ono
Sweet little handmade stool I bought from an antique store in the Yarra Valley. Exactly the right shape and size for sitting on and playing flamenco guitar. I am not even joking.

Wooden sidetable - $25 ono
Charmingly wonky sidetable thing with special slot for putting your book in.

Red sideboard - $10 ono
Fire engine red, slightly scuffed cyborg with drawers of varying sizes. Cute but a bit rickety. Great for keeping all your Torvil and Dean memorabilia in.

Card table - $10 ono
Burgundy-coloured. Folds up. Ideal for canasta.


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